I am a designer, pattern maker and seamstress.

I have over 6 years experience in the fashion industry and am currently mentoring and freelancing from my Brunswick based studio space.
I specialise in womens wear, evening wear, tailoring and costume.


STUDIO:   LVL  1  /  118,  ALBERT  ST,   BRUNSWICK,   VIC   3056 

Services available: 


I pattern make using flat and drape methods onto paper, not digitally.  I create pattern blocks based off your body shape, for perfect fitting, made-to-measure garments. I specialise in women’s wear, evening and bridal, costume, active wear and tailoring. In both woven and knit fabrications. I do not provide Men’s, Children’s or Underwire brassiere pattern making services.



I provide manual grading. Patterns are graded direct to card, so you have a durable card pattern suitable for small production runs. I do not provide digital pattern making, digital grading, or markers / lay-plans.



I provide CMT Sample making. An accurate specification sheet / details are required for any sampling, along with an accurate sample. My studio production capabilities include; plain sewing (knit and woven), 4 thread Over locking (knit and woven), 5 thread over locking (woven), Cover-stitching (knit) and leather machining. I can also offer pressing services.



I am happy to offer small scale CMT production / manufacturing, though only after first producing an accurate sample, as well as accurate specification sheet / details. 



I do not have large scale production cutting capabilities but am happy to provide cutting services for small-scale production runs. Fabric should be pre-shrunk / washed before any cutting will commence.